Ashkan Ganj

I am a Computer science graduate student who is interested in

I am a first-year computer science MS/Ph.D student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and a proud member of the Cake Lab research group advised by my kind advisor Prof. Tian Guo.

My research interests lie in the field of Computer Vision, particularly in how it can be applied to Augmented Reality systems. I am fascinated by the potential of Augmented Reality to enhance the way we interact with the world around us, and I believe that Computer Vision can play a vital role in making AR systems more effective.

In addition to my interest in Computer Vision, I am also passionate about Optimization and System Design. I believe that these fields are critical for improving the performance of Augmented Reality systems and making them more accessible to a wider audience.


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My Resume


Master of science in computer Science

2023 - 2025

Master in computer science, Worcester, USA

Bachelor of science in computer engineering

2018 - 2022

Bachelor of science in computer engineering, Ardabil, IR

The University of Mohaghegh Ardabili is one of the fastest growing universities in Iran. It was established in 1978 as a college of agriculture under the supervision of Tabriz University. It became independent in 1996 as a separate university.

Ranking Final Project

Professional Experience

Front-End Developer

2020 - 2021

Access Endless Communication(AEC), Tehran, IR

  • Head Angular Developer
  • control and check implemented pages
  • Test and Fix bugs
  • website

Programming Languages

Python 90%
C++ 70%
JavaScript 65%
TypeScript 80%

Libraries & FrameWorks

MatPlotLib 70%
Sickit-Learn 65%
Numpy 75%
Pandas 70%
Django 80%
Angular 80%


Jupyter Notebook100%
Git 90%
Postgress & MySql80%

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows85%
Debian GNU/Linux75%


LR-Net : A Block-based Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Resolution Image Classification

The success of CNN-based architecture on image classification in learning and extracting features made them so popular these days...

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Selected Projects

Image segmentation with MaskRCNN on Custom dataset

Training a model for Instance segmentation and object detection with MaskRCNN with TensorFlow on a custom selected dataset from the open image.

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An implementation of Kaggle challenge dataset using Python 3, Keras, and Tensorflow.

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CIFAR-10 classification with-ConvNet

An implementation of convolutional neural networks architecture on famous CIFAR-10 Dataset.

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Solving N-puzzle Problem by A* Algorithm and a New Heuristic Function

A new heuristic function for Sliding tile puzzle, which performs better than Manhattan and Misplaced Tiles.

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Compiler written in python

Implement two of phases of a compiler which are Lexical analysis and parser, in python3

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Moris Mano cpu assembler

A basic implementation of Moris Mano cpu assembler in python3.

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Web Time Tracker

A chrome extension with a panel for controlling time you spend on each website, and Implemented with Django

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Music app

A simple music website for sharing music with some basic ability such as music add to favorite, and Implemented with Django

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Dashboard Template

A free dashboard panel template with different charts and tables and fancy and modern design, implemented with bootstrap and vanilla js

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Machine Learning

Stanford University

Neural Networks and Deep Learning


Improving Deep Neural Networks


Structuring Machine Learning Projects


Convolutional Neural Networks


Sequence Model


Deep learning Specialization